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What Kind Of Packaging Is The Most Safe?
Oct 21, 2017

Emulsion bottles can have many different materials - glass, plastic, hoses, metal all have. The emulsion is packed in bottles of different materials, the consumer is not clear between the emulsion and packaging materials will not produce chemical changes, or will dissolve any harmful ingredients on the skin. Keep the goods loaded containers, and quality, health, access, preservation are closely related. For consumers, in addition to appreciate the brand's aesthetics and creativity, but also to know how to choose the most suitable packaging materials to protect the quality of skin care products, but also learn how to use and save, in order to make rub the face of skin care products No worries.

Currently on the market with the most plastic, the proportion of up to 80%; glass second, only 8%. And much more does not mean that plastic is more suitable for filling skin care products. The main reason is the high degree of change in plastic, a variety of size specifications, shape, color, transparent, opaque can be done. Light weight, easy to transport, good printability, recyclable, etc., are more selective use of plastic containers reasons. Plastic fate is not heat, light barrier is not enough, poor solvent resistance (especially oil). Therefore, the plastic container appears the first bottleneck is not high temperature steam sterilization, can not be washed with water, can not light sterilization. In addition, consider the stability of the contents, some care items, not suitable for installation in plastic containers.

Compared with the plastic, glass material heat, light, solvent resistance, absolutely win. So, unless it is poor quality of the glass, the most suitable for living goods is a glass container.

Metal material in the molding style is subject to many restrictions, the container and more to the cylinder (oil bottle), wide mouth bottle (lip balm) based, filled with skin care products to pure ointment, most of the time as a bottle cap, bottle and other accessories.