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What Is The Meaning Of 12M Or 6M On Cosmetic Containers?
Oct 12, 2017

I believe many people have this feeling: skin care products just when the effect is obvious, after a period of time, gradually lack of stamina. In addition to the skin has been adapted to the new product, which is also "open cover after the shelf life" related. Now Europe and the United States require cosmetics manufacturers in the packaging clearly marked "open cover after the shelf life" is a small open box to open the lid pattern, marked above the "6M", "12M" and other words, meaning that after opening the use of six Month, 12 months, the product is more than the shelf life, is not recommended to continue to use. But few people can remember when they start using a skin care products, the best way is to paste a label on the bottle marked with a date. In the purchase of large bottles of products, but also to consider whether it can run out in the shelf life.

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