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Lotion Bottle With The Main Use Of Emulsion Pump
Sep 29, 2017

Cosmetics emulsion, such products in the water content of 10% to 80%, with a certain degree of liquidity. Emulsion cosmetics in the cosmetics market occupies a certain share, therefore, cosmetics packaging Lotion Bottle market is also larger. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the market demand for Lotion Bottle is also rising.

Lotion Bottle in the cover there are two forms, common with the emulsion pump cover, by squeezing the emulsion pump to cover, the amount of emulsion extrusion can be effectively controlled by the market welcome, higher penetration, relative The cost is higher. Another is the ordinary bottle cap packaging, but the bottle is often set very small, so that the amount of the emulsion can also be effective control 3, but the use of no emulsion pump is convenient. The main material of the Lotion Bottle is acrylic, glass and metal, packaging to the pursuit of fine and high-grade. At present, the domestic production of Lotion Bottle to Guangzhou, Shangyu, Yuyao and Xuzhou several places.

Lotion Bottle of buyers mainly to large cosmetics companies, buyers in the purchase price occupies a more advantage of the right to speak, which for the Lotion Bottle manufacturers is a challenge.

This bottle is equipped with a R powder powder spray cover, the Lotion Bottle cap unscrewed, the Lotion Bottle on the extrusion device can be inside the powder sprayed, the effect is very good. A company has introduced its own designed MDPE Lotion Bottle, which can hold 4 ounces of liquid (about 2.4 ounces of powder), in order to meet the powder and sprayer sealing device, but also specially designed a 31mm high bottleneck. This bottle of sealed combination device in the market is very rare, it not only to the user's use has brought great convenience in the use of the process, do not have the hand can also operate, but also to the type of product can be applied more clear. At present, this Lotion Bottle color is only white, the company can be customized according to customer requirements color.