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Lotion Bottle Three Types Of Packaging
Oct 20, 2017

Among the fruits and vegetables we have, the cream is a big part, and a careful female friend will find that these are the same cosmetic bottles that are filled with cream, although they are all Become a Lotion Bottle.

One: hose Lotion Bottle

Shapes such as toothpaste packaging, usually filled with facial cleanser, essence and a variety of lotion, Cream. Hose-type Lotion Bottle is conducive to the isolation of the air, to prevent deterioration of cosmetics, some brands will be made of matte type of appearance, feel good, and easy to carry, light weight, is the female bag "regulars."

Two: vacuum pump pump Lotion Bottle

Vacuum pump pump Lotion Bottle is the industry more respected a type, referred to as vacuum bottles. It is standing from the professional point of view through the bottom of the piston to isolate the air, resulting in a complete vacuum inside the bottle, each press down the pump, the cosmetics naturally outflow. It can be said that in all types of comprehensive performance in the best, you can completely isolate the air, to prevent pollution, the only lack of use of general material transparency is low, at present only the acrylic can be done in appearance and function more perfect.

Three: wide mouth Lotion Bottle

This type is more common, flat round shape, a large opening so that people in the smear more convenient, fingers can reach any place in the bottle, and its shape also appears high-end atmosphere, but the opening is too large, each time In use, a large area of cosmetics exposed to the air, after a long time more susceptible to pollution and deterioration, in the shelf life it is the worst of the three types. But even so it does not prevent people from its favorite, such as cream, such as the more expensive products, most will still use the wide mouth Lotion Bottle.

The three types of Lotion Bottle have their own advantages and shortcomings, but now like acrylic materials such as the birth of the beginning can slowly make up for some deficiencies, we look forward to more excellent material born to make all kinds of more perfect.