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How To Recycle Cosmetic Bottles
May 30, 2018

1. Eye cream bottle can carry body milk to carry

Eye cream bottles are usually very small, so you may wish to use them in the summer to wear some eye cream or hand cream to carry, apply to the elbows or joints often rubbing, so that the skin is always kept soft and avoid The old waste keratin is piled or dark in colour.

2. Multi-coloured bottle used for DIY aromatherapy wax

Different brands of cream bottles of the same brand may only have different colors. If they are glass, you can use DIY scented candles, prepare some essential oils, add different kinds of essential oils to different color bottles, and then add melted white wax. A natural scented candle is even better.

3. Empty powder box used to hold a single color eye shadow or blotting paper

The used powder box can be used not only to hold a small piece of a single eye shadow, but also to avoid the waste caused by purchasing the eye shadow box again. In addition, the empty powder box is also suitable for holding oil-absorbing paper in the summer, which is light and convenient.

4. Ceramic jars can save jewelry

Compared to ordinary glass bottles, resin bottles or plastic bottles, ceramic bottles are more suitable for jewelry preservation, because the ceramic properties are more stable, not easily affected by air humidity and external temperature changes, but also higher sealing performance, ideal for saving diamond rings, Pearl or silverware.

5. Lip Gloss Empty Bottle Transparent Nail Polish First Aid Stockings

Small lip gloss bottles can be filled with transparent nail polish after cleaning. For girls, this is the magic of the first-aid stockings breakage in the summer, and a little more can prevent the holes in the hooked stockings from getting bigger and bigger.