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How To Choose Plastic Packaging With Plastic Hose?
Oct 12, 2017

In the cosmetics industry, packaging quality is the second life of the product. According to the characteristics of cosmetics and sales and other factors, select the appropriate plastic hose as a packaging, cosmetics can be made in the quality of packaging under the more attractive charm.

1. health safety

Cosmetics and the human body in direct contact, which put forward a very high hygiene safety requirements. For plastic hoses, should be from the raw material safety (raw material particles must comply with relevant laws and regulations, such as FDA, SGS certification, etc.), production technology, production environment and other aspects of control, so as to ensure the safety of cosmetics inside.

2. protective

Packaging materials should have sufficient mechanical strength, a certain degree of barrier, chemical resistance, weather resistance, etc., to prevent cosmetics in the filling, storage and transportation process to produce quality problems.

(1) mechanical properties. The main function of the packaging is to use its mechanical properties to ensure that the contents are not damaged. Cosmetic packaging with plastic hose mechanical properties such as compression resistance, impact resistance, bending strength, mainly based on the nature of packaging products, packaging machinery and storage and transportation requirements. In general, plastic hoses must have a certain degree of stiffness to ensure that the overall shape of the product intact; also need to have a better resilience to ensure that the squeeze can be restored to the original shape. However, in the same material composition and the same thickness conditions, stiffness and resilience is a contradiction, only the two were taken into account in order to meet customer needs.

Commonly used barrier materials are aluminum foil, EVOH, oxide coated PET and nylon, the barrier properties due to the choice of materials and thickness of the differences. For example, aluminum foil has high barrier properties, when the thickness of aluminum foil in the 25μm or more, the barrier properties of up to 100%; EVOH on the oxygen barrier is proportional to its thickness, 15μm thick EVOH oxygen permeability of about 0.3 ~ 0.4cc / m2 24h (mocon detection method); Oxide coating with PET oxygen permeability is generally 0.2 ~ 1.0cc / m2 24h (mocon detection method). Therefore, should be based on the requirements of packaging cosmetics selection of different materials barrier. In addition, consideration should also be given to the interaction of fragrance with the packaging material, such as polyolefin materials to absorb essential oils, where a protective coating can be added between the aluminum foil and the polyolefin material.

(3) chemical resistance and weather resistance. Cosmetic packaging with plastic hose The material selected should be resistant to the chemical resistance of the contents of the chemical, including oil resistance, grease resistance, acid resistance, etc., according to the actual conditions and needs of the matrix resin to meet the requirements of the use of such as HDPE Better chemical resistance than LDPE.

The durability of plastic hoses is related to the temperature resistance, dimensional stability, resistance to environmental stress cracking and other factors, only to ensure that the short or long-term performance of plastic hoses in order to ensure the quality and safety of cosmetics. For example, some cosmetics suitable for use in the cold winter, if the plastic hose using PP and other conventional materials, there may be a drop test, but off, burst and a series of problems, this is because the PP glass transition temperature of about -10 ℃ , Low temperature brittle, fragile. At this point you need to adjust the plastic hose of the formula structure, the use of toughening materials, improve the impact resistance of plastic hose.

3. Operational

For the convenience of printing and packaging operations, to adapt to mechanized operation, cosmetic packaging with plastic hose should have a good printability, heat sealing performance and packaging machine adaptability.

(1) printability. From the printing point of view, aluminum-plastic and plastic composite hose than plastic co-extruded hose more advantages. Because the aluminum-plastic and all-plastic composite hose are the first different materials through the extrusion process made of sheet, after cutting, printing process before the tube, or after the film after the squeeze, cutting process And then the system tube; and plastic co-extruded hose is the first tube after printing, will inevitably lead to the complexity of the printing process.

And heat sealing strength of two indicators. In particular, some of the temperature-sensitive cosmetics, the requirements of the end of the pipe when the temperature can not be too high, this time the heat cover can be used some low-temperature heat sealing materials to ensure that the quality of cosmetics does not affect the low temperature conditions. In the filling of cosmetics, the contents may be contaminated by sealing, the use of general processing of plastic hose can not be a good seal, but if the use of anti-pollution cover material, can effectively solve the problem.

4. Economy

In the aluminum-plastic composite hose, the highest price of aluminum foil, aluminum foil control the thickness of the hose can effectively control the cost. Therefore, in order to ensure good product performance under the premise of the use of thinner aluminum foil, reduce the loss of the production process, as far as possible the use of simple packaging, can reduce the cost of aluminum-plastic composite hose.

At present, the cost of plastic composite hose is high, without affecting the performance of the premise, the thickness of thinning is one of its future development direction. As a result, high stiffness materials (such as PP, etc.) will be more and more applied to the plastic composite hose.

In order to reduce the printing cost of plastic coextrusion hose and use its appearance advantage (no side seal), a new hose structure has been formed. The structure is in the printed composite hose outside through a special process set of transparent plastic co-extruded hose, so that the inside of the printed pattern clearly presented in front of consumers, while maintaining a good plastic co-extruded hose Feel.

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