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Analysis Of Three Types Of Lotion Bottle Packaging
Sep 29, 2017

For cosmetics lotion bottle, we are less concerned about. Today, we come to carefully inventory of the bottle. For the type of Lotion Bottle and their respective advantages, and so do some analysis.

First of all, is a wide mouth Lotion Bottle, which is now relatively small. Consumers directly open the cap with the fingers to use the emulsion. The biggest benefit of this Lotion Bottle is that it is relatively less residual, and the consumer can use the emulsion to the greatest extent possible. Wide mouth type Lotion Bottle material mainly to the main glass. Second, the market is currently the most popular pump head of the Lotion Bottle, this type of Lotion Bottle mainly rely on extrusion to get. Consumers are very convenient to use. The disadvantage is that the emulsion will be in the pump head residue, will remain in the bottle, not easy to run out, resulting in waste of resources. This type of Lotion Bottle material to PE plastic-based. Finally, there is a class of Lotion Bottle of course, is the hose type of Lotion Bottle, the use of such Lotion Bottle is also more convenient, and the cost of packaging is relatively low. However, the biggest problem with the existence of such Lotion Bottle is the packaging appearance and grade is relatively low.