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Wide-mouth cosmetic bottles and dropper cosmetic bottles which is good
Jan 07, 2018

    According to the first two articles, on the wide-mouth cosmetics bottles and dropper cosmetic bottles

    Editorial: Can not think of the daily most common jar will actually set off a "war of words," Since the jar is so easily contaminated, then dug sticks can not be spared ah! We do not live in a sterile environment, in fact, the use of digging sticks and digging are the same, the premise is to ensure the cleanliness of digging tools, and each time you open the cap, the cap should be the fastest speed tightening . Careful use of storage, you do not have to deny the jar all.

    Edit Weapon: The design principle of the small dropper is the use of pressure pump extraction, the essence of the bottle sucked up, use the half to find the essence can not absorb the method is very simple, the pressure drop the first tube of air within the net, if Is the squeeze dropper, severely squeeze the dropper to put it back into the bottle, do not let go tighten the bottle mouth; if it is push-type dropper, back into the bottle also need to dropper completely pressed to ensure that The air is completely squeezed out. This next time you use it, just gently unscrew the bottle, do not need to squeeze, the essence is enough to use once.

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