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When more than one eye cream is used, which one do you think painting can be?
Mar 07, 2017

Eye is a very special part of the area, where the skin is very thin and fragile, improper care ultimately the result is irreversible. First and foremost in addition to eye cream, eye cream, eye-specific products, other facial lotions, serums, creams, and cannot be used for the eye, no matter how cool its texture is moist, especially those products that have a strong effect, such as oil, whitening, even more difficult to use.

Dang while using two species above eye products Shi, order is first eye essence Hou eye cream; with two species above eye cream Shi can according to texture and effect to judge, compared two species eye cream of texture, similarly for more water run of more first with; from effect Shang points, moisturizing eye cream first with, second is beauty eye cream, last for anti-wrinkle eye cream. Because the larger anti wrinkle eye cream, the texture is usually oil, moisturizing eye cream is small, use anti wrinkle eye cream, macromolecules oil anti-wrinkle cream easily hinder small molecules moisturizing eye cream into the eye's delicate skin, thus affecting the moisturizing effect.