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What are the materials commonly used in cosmetics packaging design?
Jun 05, 2017

Packaging design is the most intuitive feeling of cosmetics, it can spread the information of cosmetics. Nowadays, the competition of cosmetics is becoming more and more intense, and the packaging and personalization of cosmetics are very important. In the field of skin care products, durable, exquisite packaging is endless, refined to the mask bag. So, in the design of these cosmetics, the packaging design of the material which?

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Cosmetics packaging materials are mainly glass bottles, plastic bottles, vacuum bottles and hoses four

Glass bottle

What is most used in the market is the glass packing material, which has a good barrier to moisture, moisture and odor, and is attractive in appearance and easy to sculpt. Our common glass bottle cosmetics are mainly skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polish, etc. These capacity requirements are less than 200ML.

Glass material is more consistent, more modeling, processing technology and rich cap collocation diversification, a common bottle shaped with cylindrical, oval, flat, prism, cone, manufacturers often develop series of bottle shaped. There are spraying, transparent, frosted and translucent color matching, silk screen, bronzing, hot silver and so on.

The thickness of glass bottle will not easily damaged, or in cold conditions are easily content broken, should test the reasonable capacity when filling, transportation and application of paper with single spaced, the products should be equipped with the box in the box, and can get more support to the anti vibration effect.

Foreign cosmetics packaging design to break the "tall" to "individuality" line

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Plastic bottle

Plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging are developing very fast. Our common plastic bottles are made of PP, PE, K, PET, acrylic, AS, ABS and so on. Here a repeat after three, is also the most common.

PET:PET material for environmental protection material, with high barrier performance, lightweight, shatterproof properties, chemical resistance, transparency is very strong, can be made into a pearl, nonferrous metals, magnetic white, transparent, widely used in gel loading.

Acrylic: material for injection bottle, chemical resistance is poor, it can not be directly mounted paste with liner barrier, filling is not easy to prevent my paste into between the liner and the acrylic bottle, so as to avoid the occurrence of cracks, the transport packaging requirements are higher, due to scratching after looks especially obvious, high permeability, sense thick wall, but the price is very expensive.

The transparency of AS and ABS:AS is better than that of ABS, and the toughness is better.

Vacuum flask

The vacuum bottle is generally cylindrical and specifications of 15ml - 50ml, individual 100ml, the overall capacity is small, rely on the principle of atmospheric pressure, can avoid the pollution caused by cosmetics in the use process, vacuum bottle has anodized aluminum, plastic plating and colored plastic, the price more expensive than other ordinary containers, ordinary quantity is not high.


Hose is divided into single layer, double layer, five layers of hose, respectively, in the anti pressure, anti seepage and hand feel are different, such as five layers of pipe from the outer layer, inner layer, two adhesive layer, and another barrier layer. Features: excellent gas barrier performance, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odorous gas, while preventing the contents of aroma and effective components of exudation.

The process consists of a circular tube, oval tube, flat tube, flat tube. Flat tube, super flat tube than the other tube process more complicated, new pipe is developed in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive.

The above four kinds of cosmetics in the packaging design of the common use of materials, these are used for cosmetics packaging main container, and is popular with cosmetics companies welcome and application.

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