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Water, cream, you know the basic use of oily cosmetics order?
Mar 07, 2017

This is the most basic common sense, should bear in mind that the texture of the skin care product categories and order it is used, do not underestimate this lark a try! Just remember that "water, milk, and oil. "When you don't know when is the first applied one after which, take a look at the texture of the skin care products, if water quality is, certainly earlier than milk cream, and oil is usually used at the end. This in turn determines a set of retaining a hold order, and similar types of products, such as cream above using the same two paragraphs on the order.

If you use a cream-like products with high moisture, coating will form a protective film on skin's outer layer, then the smaller molecules of water product, extract class are far more absorbed by the skin, let alone play a role. Small molecular study found that serum can reach the bottom of the skin, carries nutrients up to 88% and large molecules of oil products, mostly on the surface of the skin play a role, the nutrients carried by only about 6%.