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The advantages and uses of controlled glass bottles
Apr 01, 2018

    The control glass bottle is made of borosilicate glass, and the borosilicate glass is divided into low borosilicate glass, middle borosilicate glass, and high borosilicate glass bottle.

     Borosilicate glass has very low thermal expansion properties, about one-third of the glass, which will reduce the temperature gradient caused by the material, and thus make more resistance to fracture, which makes him a telescope-like, ejaculation, He is an indispensable object, a popular material, a very material, a very small shape deviation, with acid and alkali resistance, superior corrosion resistance, good thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical properties, Therefore, it has the characteristics of chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, and good mechanical properties to withstand high temperatures.

     Borosilicate glass bottles have the advantages of fine material, non-absorbent, acid and alkali resistance, excellent water resistance, high hardness, abrasion resistance, dishwasher cleaning, easy cleaning, long-term use, cleanliness, and no harm to the human body. Substances, used in microwave ovens, heating is not hot, very little microwave absorption, energy saving, with extremely cold, heat, impact resistance, non-friable and other characteristics.

    Neutral borosilicate glass bottles are mainly used to hold oral liquids, syrups, etc. The wide borosilicate glass bottles are mainly used to hold capsules, tablets, powders, etc. Fine borosilicate glass bottles are used for holding Health products liquid

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