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Skin classification with cosmetics
Jan 07, 2018

Skin classification with cosmetics

      Skin cosmetics include: general products and easy to contact with the eyes of the hair products two

      General products: skin care cream category, skin lotion, skin lotion, body type, bath category; easy to contact with ophthalmic products: eye skin care category, mask category, such as face wash. According to their role is divided into: cleansing category, skin care category and nutrition cosmetics.

     1, the most basic function of cleansing cosmetics is to clean the skin to maintain skin, its main purpose is to clear the skin surface and accumulation of toxins in the pores in order to further skin care cosmetics skin care. Common types are: cleansing cream, mask, grinding cream, Cleansing Oil, cleanser and bath and so on.

     2, skin care cosmetics are moisturizing, nutrition, skin care cosmetics that can replenish the skin moisture and nutrients, and can protect the skin from the invasion of the external environment. Today's skin care cosmetics are also to the professional, functional direction, in addition to the traditional cream, cold cream, as well as night cream, massage cream and various nutrition cream.

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