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Remove dark circles under your eyes
Nov 26, 2018

Black rim of the eye is what we call "panda eye", is due to often stay up late, emotional instability, eye fatigue, aging, vein blood flow speed too slow, the eye skin enough oxygen to red blood cells, and carbon dioxide in the veins and metabolic waste accumulation is overmuch, formation of chronic hypoxia, blood is dark and the formation of stagnation and cause eye pigmentation.Vulnerable population :

1.People who fail repeatedly in eye care.2.Women who cry a lot.3.People who often stay up late and have irregular lives.4.Men and women over the age of 20.5.People who work on computers and the Internet.6. Improper use of cosmetics (colored makeup) and incomplete removal of makeup.Nursing methods:

 1, maintain adequate sleep and the right position to sleep on your back, more than a variety of nursing methods.

2, correct bad eating habits, do not eat too salty food and too stimulating food, do not smoke, drink too much.

3, timely treatment of chronic diseases, strengthen nutrition, vitamin C, A, E supplements.4. Acupoint massage: dark circles under the eyes are caused by poor blood circulation. Acupoint massage helps to open up blood vessels;Apply eye massage cream or eye nourishing cream to the skin around the eyes."Tong zi liao" is "tong zi liao" (at the end of eyes), "after" ball "(1/3 of the center and middle of lower orbit)," si bai "(1/3 of the middle and middle orbit)," jing Ming "(upper inner canthus)," yu yao "(middle eyebrow)," ying xiang "(lateral nasal flank).With middle finger and ring finger (middle finger on the upper eyelid, ring finger on the lower eyelid) gently from the inner canthus to the outer canthus gently massage, 10 times.With index finger, middle finger, ring finger fingertip flick eye week, 3--5 circles.5, warm compress: hot compress helps promote blood circulation, with a soft cotton towel immersed in warm water after wring dry on the upper eyelid, repeatedly 2-3 times;Water temperature cannot too hot, because eyelid skin is very thin, too hot compress can make the skin flabby, wrinkle.6, complete unloading: if you often make up, be sure to use eye special liquid emulsion to remove eye makeup, especially eyeliner and eyelash parts, do not let cosmetics pigment infiltration gather in the eyelid, otherwise the eyes look like a black circle, usually should use eye special cosmetics, not facial cosmetics generation.