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Make-up essential oil bottles need to be diversified
Apr 01, 2018

     Cosmetic oil bottle is the packaging of essential oils, generally plastic materials, glass materials, porcelain, etc., of which mainly glass material. Why the glass material can stand in the dominant direction is because of the special nature of the glass material, the glass oil bottle has good chemical stability, does not appear to react with the essential oil, and has excellent sealing performance, and does not leak or evaporate. Glass oil bottles are available in various shapes, such as our common round oil bottles, square oil bottles, single gourd oil bottles, and double gourd essential oil bottles. There are a variety of bottle types with brown and transparent colors. Blue, but also in the bottle according to the requirements of customers Frosting, printing, printing and other essential oil bottles so that more beautiful.

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Address:Yuebei Industrial Park,Xiaoyue Town, Shangyu District, Shaoxing City, Zhejiang Province, China.