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Cosmetics packaging materials are divided into the main container and supporting materials 7
Mar 11, 2018

Film semi-finished products

   1. Main types of film: Mask, eye film, nose film, neck film, lip film, umbilical film, hand film, foot film, beauty film, and other film products. We can use different materials and molding processing according to customer's needs. Such as the eye film has eight characters, crescent and so on.

   2, the film category is divided into full viscose (also known as cotton), blended (usually 8:2 mixed) cotton paper, spunlace cloth, paper and other Peng, commonly used for full viscose and blended materials.

   3, full viscose film is more paste, not easy to deformation, absorb more of the essence, the finished product can be preserved after 2-3 years.

   4. The blended film (80% full viscose and 20% other polyester, for example) is also more wearable, less absorbent, and more widely applicable.

   5, Spunlaced fabrics containing chemical fiber components are likely to cause skin sensitivity of the user, it is not recommended for use, other materials are less used.

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