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Cosmetics packaging materials are divided into the main container and supporting materials 6
Mar 11, 2018

1, Blister packaging materials are commonly used in the packaging of bottle pad cards and gift sets, the packaging of stable bottom pads and promotional rack selection.

2, plastic products category, used in cosmetics, there are masks, folding plastic, bottom edge, turntable, fold, bottom cover, three fold plastic. 3, plastic materials:

   A, PVC transparent, translucent, matte effect or multicolor thickness 0.12mm-0.8mm

   B, PS variety of colors thickness 0.2mm-0.8mm

   C, APET (environmental protection material) can be folded, not hot edge thickness 0.2mm-0.8mm

   D, PETG (environmental protection material) can flock and high pressure cycle thickness 0.2mm-0.8mm

   E, flocking sheet (with PVC and PS film) multiple colors thickness 0.2mm-0.8mm

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