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Cosmetics packaging materials are divided into the main container and supporting materials 5
Mar 11, 2018

Aluminum platinum bag

  1, according to the material divided into pure aluminum bags, aluminum plated bags, PV, PE, BOPP, PET, PEGT bags.

  2. In the form of three-side sealing bag, middle sealing bag, bone-fitting bag, standing bag, vacuum bag and roll bag.

  3, aluminum platinum bag and shrink film material characteristics: conducive to preservation, durability and extend the shelf life of high barrier plastic packaging materials, with low cost, light weight, impact resistance, transparent, microwave heating, convenience and packaging design choices Features.

 4, pure aluminum bags have a metal texture, easy to wrinkle, color printing, aluminum-plated bags sub-gloss, light can be printed, soft, suitable for emulsion and paste sample packaging. PET, aluminized PET, CPE Suitable for shampoo or liquid BOPP/CPE Suitable for daily necessities packaging such as laundry detergent.

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