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Cosmetics packaging materials are divided into the main container and supporting materials 2
Jan 07, 2018

Glass bottle

1, glass bottles for cosmetics are mainly divided into: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polish several major categories of smaller capacity greater than 200ml capacity rarely used in cosmetics.

2, the glass bottle is divided into wide mouth bottles, narrow mouth bottles, solid paste generally use wide mouth bottles, aluminum or plastic cover should be power distribution, bottle caps for color injection and other effects; Emulsion or agent Class general paste with a narrow mouth bottle, pump head should be equipped with, pay attention to prevent the spring and ball rust,Most pump heads are equipped with glass beads, usually for the body test for the test, such as with caps need to plug, water with small holes with plug, thick emulsion with large hole plug.

 3, glass bottles more consistent selection, more shape, rich processing technology, with the bottle with a variety of common bottle shape cylindrical, oval, flat, prismatic, tapered, etc., manufacturers often develop series of bottles. Bottle technology on the spray, transparent, matte, translucent color, silk screen, bronzing, hot silver and so on.

4, silk screen: There are usually two kinds of glass screen printing, one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is characterized by easy to decolorize, dull color, purple color is more difficult to effect, the other is a low temperature ink screen printing, Higher requirements on the ink, or easy to fall off, and the bottle disinfection should pay attention.

5, glass bottles, such as hand-made, the capacity will be a little deviation in the selection should be tested and make the correct capacity label, such as automatic production line is more uniform, but the larger shipments, the cycle is relatively long, The capacity is more stable.

6, the uneven thickness of the glass will easily lead to damage, or in the harsh conditions easily squeezed by the contents should be tested when filling a reasonable capacity, in the transport of paper and a single application should be separated o