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Cosmetic packaging printing quality inspection
Mar 11, 2018

     Cosmetics have good visual aesthetics and are beautifully printed. It is more important for the detection of their print quality. At present, the conventional items for the inspection of cosmetics printing quality are the abrasion resistance (scratch-resistance) and adhesion fastness of printing ink layers, and the color discrimination.

     1, wear resistance testing. 

     Take the ZB-YM Ink Decoloration Tester as an example. Samples were prepared in accordance with the provisions of GB7706, and then placed on the test plane of the friction tester for fixing, and 80 g of clean offset paper was installed on the load block. After setting the number of frictions, the test is started (generally 40 round trips), and the print quality is finally evaluated based on the change in density before and after the test. Generally more than 70% of the conditions for the conformity assessment.

     2, color discrimination.

     People usually observe the colors in daylight, so the elaborate color analysis work in industrial production requires the illumination light source to have a spectral power distribution with approximately real daylight, namely the D65 standard light source specified in the CIE. However, in the color matching process, there is a very special phenomenon: the sample and the sample appear in the same color under the first light source, and under a different light source there is a color difference, the so-called metachromatic phenomenon, Therefore, when selecting a standard light source box, it is necessary to have dual light sources. In this case, a ZB-600 standard light source is used for the light source box as an example. This instrument is equipped with dual light sources of D65 and F/A light, which solves the problem of the same-color different spectrum.

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