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Cosmetic effects
Mar 07, 2017

Many women in the makeup fashion and appearance, and not enough on all types of cosmetic side effects tend to value. In fact, cosmetics (including shampoo, hair dye fat, skin care cream, face cream, Nail Polish, and so on) are chemical compounds, it has the function to protect and beautify the body, also issued a variety of harmful substances, greater stimulation to human skin, can also cause edema of the skin, itching, rash, "cosmetic dermatitis".

Life in common cosmetics from a variety of colors, flavors, and preservatives, fungicides, raw material processing, and also added in some special-use cosmetics hair, hair, Perm, beautiful breast, body, deodorant, beauty cream and sunscreen and other ingredients. Some people use, often appears swollen cheeks, running water, itching, dermatitis and other damage to the face or skin allergies, particularly prolonged use of hair dye, not only easy to cause contact dermatitis, also cause other diseases. In cosmetic hair dye most of the side effects caused by an allergic reaction. According to the survey, extensive use of hair dye susceptibility to blood diseases and Hodgkin's disease.