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Acrylic cosmetic bottle can be compared to crystal after engraving
May 27, 2018

    How cosmetic packaging can achieve exquisite results is a lot of cosmetic bottle designers and cosmetics manufacturers are very concerned about. After all, people hope that packaging will achieve the effect of “buying and returning beads” and make their own cosmetics stand out on a wide range of shelves.

    Can make the cosmetic bottle show the effect of carving, naturally showing a beautiful effect, the traditional glass bottle carving, the difficulty is very large, it is difficult to achieve. In addition to ordinary plastic bottles blowing with a mold, it is also difficult to carry out carving. Crystal glass bottles are capable of cutting and carving. Many high-end perfume bottles and car perfume bottles are carved and look beautiful. However, crystal glass bottles have high packaging costs and naturally increase costs for cosmetic packaging. Here we have to focus on the acrylic cosmetic bottles that are easily cut and carved out in a variety of shapes and sizes. Acrylic cosmetic bottles are low in cost and are very suitable for large-scale use.

    Acrylic cosmetic bottles are back-carved, and the finished products are often very three-dimensional. After being polished and filled with flames, they are very beautiful.

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