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Acrylic bottles are welcomed by the cosmetics health care product packaging market
Apr 01, 2018

    There are many buyers who always oscillate between glass bottles and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles. Glass bottles have more high-end quality on the packaging, but the cost is relatively high. Plastic bottles are relatively low in terms of packaging costs. Therefore, in order to balance the advantages between the two, many buyers are struggling.

     For cosmetics and health care products companies, the packing department has always been concerned about the simplicity of packaging. However, with fierce market competition and relatively high profits, companies will tend to pack higher grades and high-end products on the market. From the point of view of the analysis of the purchase information of the cosmetics bottles and health products bottles of China Packaging Bottle Net, it is the first choice for many buyers. However, there are many defects in glass bottles, so some manufacturers will hesitate. We can think of acrylic bottles as the balance between glass bottles and plastic bottles. Acrylic bottle looks like a frosted glass bottle, with a different temperament. At the same time, acrylic bottles have all the advantages of plastic bottles, while the cost is lower than that of glass bottles. This is a bottle that is very suitable for the packaging of cosmetics and health products.

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