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About wide-mouth cosmetic bottles
Jan 07, 2018


    What is a wide-mouth cosmetic packaging bottle?Mainly refers to the bottle opening particularly large, you can dig directly into your fingers, and more common in creams, masks and your home's big washbasin.

wide-mouth cosmetic packaging bottle.jpg

    Someone said: jar packaging is just "good looking", will make all the active ingredients lapse

    Because the visual effects of the jar look more atmosphere, luxury, so many brands are using such a package, to enhance the brand image, more straightforward point is to raise prices. And some of the active ingredients, especially antioxidants, are ineffective when exposed to air and the expensive ingredients do not make sense. When using your finger, large area exposure to the product can also cause product contamination. It is best not to use your fingers to dig the bottle of skin care products, so as not to bacterial infection to the unused part of the bottle, it is recommended to use a stick or disposable cotton swab.

    Some people say: jar packaging is actually no problem, as long as there is a cream inside.

    Jar ingredients are not necessarily volatile, big jar obviously has his truth, so expensive is not a joke! Antioxidants do not come in contact with air, light and heat. Therefore, anti-oxidant ingredients should be stored in a closed bottle in a cool place. However, even anti-oxidant ingredients, exposed to air, are ineffective and surface-ineffective, deep ingredients are still effective. The texture of the cream is relatively viscous, fat-like ingredients, the water will be exposed to the volatile air. Oil composition will stop the evaporation of moisture, so the active ingredient can be locked in the deep. Essence easy to volatile, because it is not suitable for wide mouth bottles.

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