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About dropper cosmetic bottles
Jan 07, 2018

     What is the most expensive cosmetic now? The most expensive essence! Do not look at its small body, a lot of gold! Look at the essence of those high-end brands, are all using "dropper" packaging, it is beauty and wisdom in the end both the Miss World, or the infuriating showgirl it?

dropper cosmetic bottles.jpg

    "Droplet tube" advantages: take the quasi-use, anti-pollution

    Essence mostly water-based essence, and rich in nutrients, is very suitable for bacterial breeding. In order to avoid foreign objects (including hand) direct contact with the essence, droplet pipe is to reduce pollution products an important way. At the same time the amount can also be more accurate, effectively avoiding waste.

    "Dropper" Disadvantages: Every time left with a little bit, can not get rid of the waste of the name

    Usually dropper pipe head design can not reach the bottom of the bottle, and when the last point of the product when the dropper will inhale some of the air at the same time, it is impossible to run out of all, compared with the design of the vacuum pump waste.

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